Financial Checklist


For 11B to consider your project, please include as much of the following information as available.


▪ Project synopsis

▪ Project budget & projected shooting dates

▪ Up-to-date list of key attachments (Producer(s), Director, Cast, Writer(s))

▪ Sales agent information

▪ If pursuing hard asset loan, provide summary information on intended collateral.


Upon receipt, we will review and contact you shortly.


Requirements for entertainment / new media financing will vary depending on project and region. However, all loan packages must be fully collateralized and, as relevant and appropriate to project, include:


• Synopsis, Shooting Script, Budget

• Full financing plan

• Cash flow schedule

• Shooting schedule

• Chain of Title

• Producer(s) & director bios &/or resumes

• Initial approval letter and/or correspondence with State(s)

• Credit estimate breakdown

• Copies of contracts with equity investors and distribution companies

• Completion Guarantee / Letter of intent from bond company.

To get in touch with 11B about your project: Contact Us.