11B Productions is an entertainment company focused on the development, production and distribution of filmed works. We are movie fans first and foremost, and in that spirit it is our mission to champion projects that combine emotional insight and technical innovation to tell stories that thrill, engage and connect.


As a family enterprise, we value strong relationships with established and rising talent. We strive for our projects to be as rewarding to make as they are to watch.


To audiences and collaborators, 11B looks forward to serving you.

Jelayne Miles

Co-Founder & President


Jelayne began her pursuit of the arts in the theater, studying with the legendary Stella Adler, and as a member of New York’s The Gene Frankel Theatre. This began a passion for entertainment that she would incorporate into all of her future endeavors.


Stepping into the ‘family business,’ Jelayne sought to make a difference in world affairs and landed positions working with two of the most iconic social justice figures of their time. She served as director of the Law Office of William M. Kunstler, and as a lead aide and fundraiser to former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Over fifteen years working on historic domestic and international cases, Jelayne came to appreciate the many depths hidden within stories that are often over-looked or over-simplified for public consumption—a void she believes can best be filled by art.


While working with Mr. Clark, Jelayne co-founded Eyewitness, a series of educational documentary shorts about critical international issues of the day. Eyewitness would go on to produce Peace for Cuba—which reported a humanitarian mission to Cuba that Jelayne coordinated and appeared in with Mr. Clark, author Alice Walker and other luminaries—and to collaborate with The Empowerment Project on The Panama Deception which won the 1993 Academy Award™ for Best Documentary.


Encouraging the success of emerging Black business owners, Jelayne produced and directed for Ethnic Expressions, formerly the country’s largest purveyor of African American art, from 2000-2010. She was the recipient of their 2010 Excellence Award.


A successful entrepreneur and business executive, Jelayne is also a principal in Frontier Fiscal Services, a finance company she heads with her husband Dean Throntveit, serving North Dakota and Montana. In addition, together with other local business leaders, Jelayne and Dean formed Grow Crosby, a corporation with several interests in the Bakken region.

Jase Miles-Pérez

Co-Founder & Head of Development


As Head of Development for 11B, I screen all incoming projects and oversee our collaboration in those we undertake.


I’ve been working in the entertainment industry since 2006, on studio and independent movies, through development, physical production and release publicity.


Beyond my role at this company, I teach Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, Columbia Hospital and CCNY. In addition to 11B’s projects, I’m always happy to talk about the NBA, video games as art, books to read, beaches to bum, and chicken wings to eat.